"It's Mother's Day and I'm flying back to TX from Sarah's Soul Restoration Retreat. It was AMAZING. It exceeded all of my expectations. I loved each and every one of the participants. <3 <3 <3 I came to Sarah's event feeling disempowered, questioning, wondering, a little lost and I am now leaving with a heart and soul that is full. I've filled my cup and I can get back to the work I'm meant to do in the world. I'm so excited to have connected deeply with other women, too." <== Loved being at your first retreat and I will get back there to another one. Love you tons!!! <3 Whoever goes to your next ones is in for a life-changing treat!


- Maritza Parra: San Antonio, Texas

I had the incredible opportunity to attend Sarah Crawford ‘s Soul Restoration Retreat. The experience was magical! The course material was truly life-changing. But it was Sarah who brought it to life, and helped me to apply it to my own circumstances. She created an atmosphere that was safe, and warm, and honest, and fun. Yes, all of those things! At times, there was difficult, soul-searching work to do, but I always felt the loving support and encouragement of Sarah and the other participants, with whom I had became fast friends. No detail was overlooked. The food was wonderful and prepared with love by Sarah’s celebrity chef, Kelli. The resort-like grounds, the vast array of artsy supplies, and the inspiring music, all worked together to make the experience powerful and unforgettable. I will never be the same.

- Katherine Cosimano:  Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Camp is amazing! Food, fun, friendship & lots of love! One of my favorite workshops was “She did it anyway’. It was empowering to look at all the things I have overcome and gave me the courage to face current challenges!!!! Sarah is a great coach and has the biggest heart! All of us left camp feeling stronger, more accepting of ourselves, & ready to face life with new perspective!!!! Love it!


– Carolyn Gillespie, Queen Creek, AZ

Camp was wonderful! There were a lot of laughs, some tears and a bunch of healing going on. We made great friendships that will last forever! Sarah is so full of love and encouragement. It is amazing how much healing can be done through crafts! We also realized our strengths and we all waked away feeling like super women! Thanks for the awesome experience!


  • Kelli Bedway, Gilbert, AZ

Recently I was feeling down and having trouble picking myself up.  My husband was already overwhelmed and I didn’t want to further burden him.  I felt stuck for a time, but then I recognized that I had the power somewhere within me to get out of my funk, without adding to the exhaustion of my already overwhelmed loved ones.  At this moment I was reminded of the Rough Day Box I had created at camp.  I immediately went into my little closet, shut the door and got out my small box of treasures and truths. The minutes I spent sitting with these unique and beautiful reminders, created by me, about me, and for me, lifted my spirit and unlocked my previously frozen mind and heart.  I stood up whole, opened the door confidently, and embraced my day.

Thank you, Sarah, for giving yourself and your gifts to such meaningful and transformative work.  I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate.  ❤️😘

-Dorothy Winters, Sandy Utah

Going to camp helped me more than I thought I needed. It taught me that I am important and that I can be brave. I count myself blessed for having attended camp with Sarah at Your Beautiful Soul. It is something everyone should do.
-Heidi Steenhoek: Gilbert, Arizona