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NEW LOCATION in the fresh mountain air of

Forest Lakes, Arizona!  

Save an extra $50 when you sign up with a friend! 

Our BEAUTIFUL SOUL RESTORATION RETREAT will be held in a NEW location! Enjoy a relaxing and soul-healing four days and four nights in a beautiful cabin located in the fresh mountain air of Forest Lakes, Arizona (just 2 hours NE of Phoenix—transportation to the cabin will be provided).


The cost is just $975 or sign up with a friend and save an extra $50 each! This incredible retreat will help you rediscover the wonderful truth about your beautiful soul, and how that precious truth impacts, improves, and rejuvenates all areas of your life! The amazing lessons were created by well-known artist and life coach, Melody Ross, and are enhanced with Sarah's own flair, insights, creative talents and compelling real-life experiences. Simple, yet beautiful, art projects, bracelet-making, meditations, yoga, music, games, laughter, sisterhood, and delicious food, make it an enriching four days that will leave you changed forever!


You will experience all of this in the arms of our loving staff and new friends who will become like sisters to you. Avail yourself of this incredible opportunity to rest and restore your beautiful soul!

You’re worth it!


Is this  a religious retreat?
The simple answer is no, but it can be deeply spiritual. The great thing about Soul Restoration is that it meets you where you are in your life and can mold to fit any woman's beliefs. We look to our "Truthteller" whoever that might be, to help us connect with the deepest parts of our souls and show us the truth about who we really are. I have seen it work for women of all types of faith. It's incredible!!
Are my emotions and feelings safe at camp?
One of my favorite things about Soul Restoration Retreats is the amazing feeling of LOVE and SAFETY that I felt as a participant. One of my greatest desires is to provide a place where women can come to rest and feel completely loved, valued and safe from any kind of emotional harm. Life is hard enough and we've endured many battles, my retreats are place of refuge, love and healing. There is no judgement, no demands, just loving you exactly as you are! 
Who created these lessons?
We follow the Brave Living, SOUL RESTORATION curriculum. I get to put my own spin on the lessons and share my own stories! Melody Ross's lessons have inspired and healed thousands of women around the world and have changed my life in miraculous ways. 
Do I have to be an artist?
ART is a HUGE part of Soul Restoration but the fun thing is that you don't have to be an artist! Some of us get really stuck when we think we have to make "art". But at my retreats we just want to play with paints, texture, color, and textiles. We put them together in meaningful ways. Nothing has to be perfect!! We can always start again and learn as we go. You will have access to darling pictures from my collection of vintage books to use in your collages. And.... if you do love to do art then you can go hog-wild with all my fun fabrics and paints, glitter, stamps, ribbons, scrapbook papers and even Gesso! This will be a time of creation and introspection that everyone will LOVE!!
Will I make new friends?
FRIENDSHIPS are one of the most important part of the Beautiful Soul experience. The women I learned Soul Restoration with are my treasured friends for life. I felt like a sister to each and every one of them and many of us stay in touch and talk quite often. I couldn't survive without them!! We connected at a deep, beautiful level and we all needed each other. I love my new TRIBE and I really want to help you find yours!
What topics will we discuss?
  • The importance of recognizing TRUTH and LIES in our lives.
  • Pinpointing where we started to believe the LIES about ourselves and GETTING RID OF THEM!!
  • Finding out what is really TRUE about our beautiful souls and using that truth as a healing balm for all our wounds.
  • We work with our own "Restoration Team" that helps us understand the amazing soul that resides in each one of us.
  • We discuss how to heal our souls and keep them safe. How to set BOUNDARIES .
  • We have amazing discussions on how we take our power back and how to live a new life where we are "in charge."
  • We learn that it is necessary and ok for us to take care of ourselves and get what we need!
  • We learn that we are not our struggles or our trials, but that we are all beautiful souls meant for beautiful lives. Each day is day one!
  • We are taught how to be brave, how to act in new ways, and given tools for living a brave life. 
  • We have amazing ceremonies and give fun gifts to help us move forward into our brave, new lives.




5:00 Campers arrive & welcome 

6:00 Dinner  


  • Opening Share

  • Bird Seed Ceremony


  • Get to know you game

  • campfire



7:30 Rise & shine morning walk

8:30 Light Breakfast


  • Lessons: Restoring, Lies v. Truth and authenticity

  • Lesson: Meet your Restoration Team


  • SING- A Life Uncommon


  • Lesson: What still hurts


  • Lesson: getting rid of the lies


  • Lesson: The truth will restore you

  • Meditation

  • Relax, create, sit by the fire...


Visit, relax, hot tub



8:30 Light Breakfast


  • Lesson: Truth from our Restoration team



  • Sing “A Life Uncommon”

  • Lessons: Your story, Restoring your power



  • Lesson: She did it anyway!


  • Hot tub/ fire pit/ visit and relax


Visit, relax, hot tub




7:30 Rise and Shine Walk (optional)

8:30 Light Breakfast


  • Lesson: Making Boundaries & Choosing a new way

  • Preparing for rough days



  • Lesson: Honoring Your Journey

  • Burn Book ceremony!!

  • Letter to Old Life & SPECIAL ACTIVITY



  • Evening games

  • Campfire


8:30 Breakfast


  • Closing Ceremony


  • Drive home

Menu: (Subject to change)


Dinner- To be decided



Lunch- Quinoa fruit salad

            Poppyseed cheesy bread

Dinner- BBQ Chicken salad 

Dessert- Mint brownies



Lunch- Green Goddess Sandwiches w/ sweet potato fries

Dinner- Baked mozzarella chicken with spring mix salad

Dessert- Aunt Edie's Lemon Cake



Lunch- Quiche & fruit salad

Dinner- Street tacos w/chipotle lime sauce and black beans

Dessert- Homemade cheesecake!


Breakfast- To be decided

To b

Sample Menu :

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