• Sarah Crawford

I've Missed You!

It's good to see you again. We might have met before during one of my fitness challenges, soul healing retreats, classes or workshops. Maybe you read one of my blogs or wear one of my bracelets! Possibly you are just laying eyes on me for the first time... either way.. I'm thrilled to meet you and it feels amazing to be back online. My goal here is to inspire you to be your best self and do your best work. Each day on this beautiful blue marble is a gift and a challenge I hope we appreciate and accept with enthusiasm. I know life can be a brutal experience at times, I have lost two younger siblings to suicide and suffered in a painful marriage for 26 years. Since I saw you last I got married and am so happy to be Mrs. Norton! I am here to tell you that despite all our struggles and challenges we can find joy, be the joy and the good that the world needs! I am with you every step of the way!

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