Stop Suicide Now!

Please call 988 to the SUICIDE CRISIS LIFELINE if you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, fantasies or making plans to take your life. There are loving professionals who can help you be free from the torment of suicidal thoughts and desires. There is still time for help and for hope and we are with you! Anyone can call this number at anytime, even if you are a friend or family member of someone suffering. Help is here for all of us! 


Please think about what you're really doing...


Too many gone!

Every loss is massive. Every tragedy ripples across time and space. We just can't take any more of this. Stay here and help us find solutions. Stay here and be the hope others need to hold onto. Heal here and heal now! 

Liza Koski, 21 yrs old. 

My little sister, Liza, was the youngest of 9 kids! She has 6 older sisters and 2 brothers!  She was our baby! All her nieces and nephews fought over who got to sit by her and she was the favorite aunt. She was a talented artist, fierce athlete, lover of nature and a blast to be with. She had her whole life in front of her, until she didn't. We will never know who she could have become. Our hearts are broken.