Flight School runs from March 28- April 25

Choose from Thursday mornings 10:00 am - Noon, or evenings 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Classes are held at Sarah's new home in south Gilbert, AZ.

Classes are small and filling up quicly so book now!

Pricing is $300 for 5-week course. Bring a friend and save $50 each. 

Returning "What Now?" graduate students save $50 off tuition. 

Learn the HOW of living your purpose! 

Week 1: Be Your Own Woman. Create your own way. 


Sync your values with your actions and discover the efficiency of perfect aerodynamics. Take charge of how you show up in the world. Learn the awesome power of your words.


Week 2: Build up your trust and confidence account to improve all your relationships.


We’ll delve into relationships and how your ability to trust yourself may be holding you back. Become a pro at navigating critical conversations – a valuable skill that immediately pays serious dividends.


Week 3: Be intentional about your surroundings. Harness the power of energy and emotions.


Understand the incredible power of your surroundings, from the people around your table to the objects in your home. Did you ever ride a positive energy wave or exercise your emotions so they can better serve you? We will teach you how!


Week 4: Hone your curiosity as you try new things. See your dreams as legitimate.


Become an intensely curious person. Try new things to expand your skill set. Create relationships with new people who will provide opportunities to serve and guide you along your flight path. See your dreams as legitimate and others will too.


Week 5: Keep your upward trajectory. Give an extra 10 % in all you do.


Experience a megamind brainstorming session. You’ll never be the same. Craft your elevator speech and practice sharing your passion. Feel the quantum leap that happens when you dig deep and give that extra 10%.