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 Fri. April 1, 2022
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Our next class will be held at my new home designed and decorated with you in mind. There is not only amazing lessons and activities but fun surprise GIFTS! You will love the sisterhood and all the growth you experience! We can't wait to meet you! Bring a friend and save $50 each. 

"What Now?" is a 6-week class developed and taught by Camille Smith and Sarah Crawford, designed to help women reinvent (or rediscover) themselves, unlock their hidden gifts, interests and talents and step into their unique purpose. You will look forward each week to interesting lessons, soul searching exercises, journaling activities, special guests, surprise gifts, guided meditation, sharing of experiences, creative art projects (you don't have to be an artist!) tons of fun and laughter and of course, chocolate!

Unleash your inner superhero!

next class starts Fri. April 1, 2022

Week 1- Create the Space – Discover why it’s vital that we live purposeful lives. Develop your intention- techniques for finding the time and energy to fulfill your purpose.


Week 2- Get a Clue- Look back to your childhood and to your ancestors to discover hidden talents and interests. How can those interests, strengths and talents and all come together to help you live a joyful life?


Week 3- Create a Vision- Start putting ideas on paper and send your vision out into the universe to make things happen!


Week 4- Be Brave- Eliminating excuses that keep you stuck. Uncovering the core of your fears and learning to push past the resistance that tries to slow you down.


Week 5- Try New Things & Following Intuition-  Branching out of your comfort zone and exploring new sides of ourselves. Tune into that inner voice that leads you along the path you were meant to walk.


Week 6- Networking Luncheon- An opportunity to meet women who are living their purpose. Share ideas, get inspired, ask questions and eat great food.

  • Choose from morning classes (10:00-Noon) or evening (7:00-9:00pm). 

  • These classes are the perfect way to get out of an annoying rut, connect with other women looking for a change in their life, and bring more joy and meaning into your life.

  • Cost is just $200 per person or $150 if you bring a friend. 

  • Just click on the "Book Now" button and choose Aug. 30th, either morning or evening classes.

Next session starts Aug. 27, 2019

More about our teachers:

Camille Smith is a wife, a mother and a passionate student of life.  She graduated with a BS in Psychology from BYU.  Her love of studying and understanding human behavior and interaction has led her to her passion- which is helping women to be their best selves!  She is a clinical licensed hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, and yoga instructor.  But her favorite role is teaching!!  She uses these tools and her ability to intuit and understand where people are coming from to help women identify and break through barriers and leap forward joyfully into their purpose filled lives.


Sarah Crawford is a mother and grandmother who lives to love and teach others, especially her family. She is a BYU graduate in Family Studies. She enjoys painting, leather work, singing, reading, and spending time in the sunshine. She has lead hundreds of women and men in journeys to better understand who they really are and how to grow closer to their creator. She loves watching others reach new heights and live life with more joy, like she does. She creates beautiful bracelets with messages on them to uplift and beautify the wearer.