Trauma Relief Coaching

I am now a certified Trauma Integration Coach! I joined the team at and am part of their Mind Well Collective doing individual coaching sessions to help clients heal from trauma and release it from their bodies! Coaching sessions with me will help you be free from past trauma so you can move forward with more peace, joy and clarity!

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Please click HERE to schedule an appointment with me. For the next 2 weeks, your first session is free and it is $50 an hour after that! Your body and soul will thank you for doing this important healing work! I am not a licensed therapist. This is trauma release coaching is different and awesome and

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How do we heal from Trauma?

This modality of healing is two parts. We start by carefully releasing the trauma that has been stored physically in the body through a guided meditation and conversation between you and your body! We literally ask your body to share with us what it felt at the time, and then we decrease the intensity of those feelings until they are gone. It works! Next we help your younger self repair the damage by helping them understand what was true about the situation and showing them unconditional love and acceptance! This rescues the younger you out of the trauma you felt stuck in and sets you free! Once you do a session with me it will make a lot more sense and you will want to rescue all of you! 

Client Testimonial:

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My Own Healing Journey

I am so excited about going on this healing journey with you because of what I experienced in my own journey back to myself. I was divorced in 2019 and sadly, experienced a lot of relationship trauma for 26 years. In 2020 I realized that just being free of the relationship did not mean that I was free from the trauma. I felt this awful, haunted, gnawing feeling of anxiety almost every evening. For quite a while I had no idea what it was. I was safe. I was free. But I was suffering. After many conversations with a therapists and friends and studying about PTSD and trauma, I realized that I most likely had Complex PTSD and that now that I was safe, my body was trying to heal by sharing with me the very real pain and suffering it had endured all of those years. I went on medication to dull the anxiety and that helped at first. Traditional therapy didn't seem to be helping much. It was time to try something else. 

A dear friend finally begged me to try to find a coach or therapist who specialized in healing people from trauma. I had recently heard of this group, Trauma Integration, from Camille Smith, a trusted mentor of mine, and I met with one of the owners, Julie Gustafson. I knew right away this was a good fit and I started my healing healing work with Michelle Jones and my life changed forever. I decided to also become a trauma integration coach. 


I have processed over 13 traumatic events with Michelle and I feel like a completely different person. It has been some brave work but my body was ready!! It had been holding onto so many difficult sensations, trauma and memories that it really wanted to be free of, but first, my body wanted to make sure I understood what REALLY happened to me over the years and then it helped me to come out of denial and into a place of truth and healing. Thank you body!! In those sessions I also let my younger selves know that they were not responsible for the abuse, that they were loved and doing their best in a very terrible situation. I get to mentor, teach, heal, strengthen and free my younger selves! It's so fun! There is no one better to heal and teach younger me, than me! 

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I was able to get a lot of clarity about my past and who I was, who I am, and better yet, who I wasn't! I have felt a deep love and compassion for my younger me. A lot of love and compassion that was not available to me at the time. Now I will give all the love to her. Now she can rest, feeling safe and loved and that gnawing, scared feeling is almost completely gone!! No medication needed anymore. (talk to your doctor before changing or quitting any medications) I love my body. I am so grateful that it has carried my spirit so well during many intense and scary situations. I enjoy giving it the relief it deserves! 

Sometimes, a little fear, or anxiety comes to the surface and I realized there is another event that is now ready to be processed and heal, or some lies that I used to believe that need to be straightened out with love and truth. But I am not afraid of those feelings. I am not held hostage or hiding from them anymore. I welcome them and ask them what they have to share with me and let them know that I am listening and that we will get to the bottom of things, so they can rest. It's the best feeling in the world. I am thrilled that I finished my training and am helping other people heal. The experiences I have already had in helping others heal from traumatic events have been incredibly satisfying and wonderful! It is amazing to be able to walk a difficult path and then to come back to the beginning to take someone else's hand and guide them to a new place of peace. Let me know if you are ready. We can do this together! XOXO