About Sarah

Sarah Norton is the mother of four amazing, grown-up kids and two darling baby grandsons.  Her ability to love others deeply and find the joy in life, regardless of the situation, make her a light to all who know her. She's a curious student of life, an artist, singer, public speaker, motivator, survivor, mentor and teacher. She is not afraid to be real and honest while sharing her stories, but she also loves to have fun and laugh till it hurts. One of her gifts is helping women live life with more courage and more joy by helping them understand the truth about how beautiful their souls really are.  Her own experiences in overcoming an eating disorder, losing a little sister to suicide, and freeing herself from an abusive relationship, give her a depth of understanding and compassion that is a blessing to those she works with and loves. It brings her classes and retreats to a whole new level of healing and learning. She loves life and soaks it all in everyday. Everything she does is aimed to help bring others the healing and joy that she has found and to ensure they feel beautiful, cared for, and hopeful in the process. 


Some interesting facts about Sarah:

  • She's done all sorts of crazy things from running bungee jumping sites  to debating politics on live TV!

  • She is the third of nine children and grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon and graduated from Brigham Young University on her oldest daughter's 19th birthday!

  • She raised her kids at home and then worked as the office manager for an accounting company for 3 years. Now she has 3 of her own businesses. One of them is being a Certified Instructor for Soul Restoration, developed by Melody Ross of the Brave Girls Club. She also makes and sells bracelets on her Etsy store, Sarah Jean Creations and teaches "What Now?" with her friend and business partner, Camille Smith. She also keeps busy fulfilling many church assignments, which often involve working with youth.

  • In 2011 she and her son, and another man saved a man's life who was unconscious in a burning car.

  • She has been blogging on a personal blog since 2008 and has developed and ran several well-rounded health challenges online. "Fit For the Kingdom" and the "Tree of Life Challenge"  were life changing experiences for her and many participants <3

  • She's pretty sure she was a hairstylist in a previous life and when she was little she pretended to be Wonder Woman and Marie Osmond. She told anyone that would listen that she was going to be an artist or singer when she grew up. Now she dresses up as Abigail Adams and teaches 5th grade classes in Gilbert about the US Constitution and the freedoms in protects, in conjunction with Constitution Week USA.