Your Beautiful Soul Challenge

June 6- Aug. 28, 2022

What if changing a few things helped you have a MAJOR paradigm shift where you literally become a new person? 

Sometimes by tweaking our physical, mental and spiritual habits, we uncover hidden strength, peace, energy and joy! As you learn to cultivate and care for your beautiful body, mind and spirit you will discover and connect with your beautiful soul! In doing so, life becomes much richer and you will naturally spread more love to others!  So why not give it a try? I will mentor you—and we will mentor each other—along  this awesome, exciting and miracle filled path to a healthier you! I hope you will join us!  


How does it work?

Every Monday, in your inbox, you will receive instructions , coaching and inspiration, outlining what new healthy, happy habit we are going to tweak and experiment with that week. I will also set up a Facebook group for us all to connect on and will blog weekly with charts and info and FUN! 


You will do small daily challenges too and YOU GET POINTS every time you complete one!! At the end of each week you will report your points to me (through an anonymous survey) and then we will talk as a group about how the week went and how our life improved (or didn't) with the subtle (or radical) alterations we made!

We will have one MYSTERY CHALLENGE each week as well! Cost is $40 & handmade leather bracelet or lanyard is included! 

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What is our focus?

We will focus 3 weeks in each of the following areas:

* Your Beautiful Mind

* Your Beautiful Body

* Your Beautiful Spirit

* Your Beautiful Soul

We will have weekly challenges like:  

- Get at LEAST 8 hours of sleep every night this week

- Spend some time outside in the sunshine every day this week.

- Listen to a podcast or read magazine totally outside your normal realm this week

- Improve one aspect of your diet this week

We will have daily challenges like: 

  • Read something uplifting for 15 min.

  • Work on eliminating one bad habit

  • Pray or meditate in morning and evening

IMG_8305 2.HEIC
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"More Fit For the Kingdom Challenge" done in 2011 and 2013 with over 150 participants. 

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